Our Loyalty Programme


Educational institutions are constantly facing cutbacks and the challenge of fundraising. Fundraising initiatives have become increasingly harder for schools as parents have less time on their hands and businesses are struggling.

What if local businesses voluntarily started giving parents and friends of educational institutions a discount?  We all shop. So what if you received a discount on every purchase you made, and your membership fee went directly to an educational institution of your choice? What if you never had to pay full price again for that cappuccino you bought this morning, your most recent set of tyres for your car, or the Chinese food you order for dinner tonight, while at the same time benefitting your child’s education?

Our loyalty programme achieves this – we bring you exclusive discounts and offers from our business partners nationally. Explore places where you can eat out, have fun with the kids, get sporting goods for dad, spa treatments for mom, enjoy holidays with the family, whilst keeping your finances in check.

Our vision is to provide the largest selection of Premium Products and Services in all areas of the country at the best prices.

We are building a network of businesses that will support this initiative. Parents and community members simply do their everyday shopping (that they already need to do) at the businesses in our network, these businesses give them a discount and the school has a long term sustainable income.

As a member you not only have the choice of using our featured offers, you can also send us a request for discounts from companies not currently listed on our website. We then go the extra mile to negotiate this for you and  to provide you with offers that suit your specific needs.

Benefits for Members:

  • Members  save money in all spheres of their lives. From groceries, clothing, car, home and building maintenance, to medical, dental, financial and any other expenses you can think off.
  • You can raise funds for your favourite educational institution while at the same time contributing to our scholarship fund.
  • It is so convenient using one card at many different stores and getting a discount every single time, no matter how many times you decide to go there.
  • You will receive a monthly email statement showing exactly how much your beneficiary has raised.


Benefits for Institutions:

  • Long-term sustainable income-generating programme.
  • No more asking businesses to donate money.
  • You don’t need to push products that parents don’t need and can’t afford.
  • Increase education time – this fundraising approach is passive so there is no need for staff to spend time on it.
  • Funds go directly to your school!
  • Private branded school loyalty programme website and membership cards.


Benefits for Business

The goal of SaveSA is to help you grow your business at NO COST to you. If you are looking to increase your revenue, to strengthen your position in the community, to increase your internet presence, and to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors, SaveSA has the solution.

Schools around the country are promoting SaveSA business partners to their parent base.   Through the school’s promotional efforts and by visiting our website, parents find SaveSA business partners. Knowing that these local businesses will give them a discount on purchases and that their membership fee goes directly to the school of their choice, parents consistently choose to do their regular shopping with our business partners. We encourage consumers to buy products and support businesses that form part of the SaveSA network.

It’s that simple! Businesses benefit from motivated parents who want to raise funds for their children’s school by doing the shopping (that they already need to do) at new stores, and the consistent promotion of the programme and business partners by local schools keeps this fundraising opportunity at the top of parents’ minds.


Opportunities For Growth:

  • Monthly listing on SaveSA and educational institutions loyalty websites
  • Sms and Email marketing to a captive and interested target market
  • Banner Ads
  • Continuous promotion by educational institutions
  • No costs involved for the business