Our Scholarship Programme

Education has the power to change lives. Helping young people by providing them with an education is one of the best investments society can make.

The SaveSA scholarship programme is dedicated to providing life-changing scholarships to young people.

We focus on removing the barriers to access and achievement created by social and economic disadvantage or discrimination, and on helping particularly talented students to excel.

Our funding committee looks for evidence of candidates with genuine financial need and who are committed to helping their community.

The types of scholarships we provide are constantly evolving to meet the needs of students.. They are not just about financial payments, focusing instead on the different kinds of support and encouragement that individual students need. Typically, we help students from disadvantaged backgrounds to cover the extra “cost” of schooling and provide the support they need to succeed.

We also provide opportunities for hardworking students to extend their talents and pursue their aspirations. The Scholarship programme is used to support learner needs, such as school, university or college fees,  stationery donations, library books, financial assistance with equipment etc.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

-Benjamin Franklin